Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Shelter photo day again...

Golden retrievers always catch my heart. Like silly puppy Tobey Maguire.

dog_Toby Maguire_web 3

Or adult Golden Channing.

dog_Channing_web 3

And then from nowhere comes this gorgeous pit bull named China, with manners! And a coat that is velvet. She is so pretty she took my breath away. I have no idea why some dogs have an up-ear, like they are on watch at all times. I am growing to love this.

dog_China_web 5

A lot of our cat photographers are gone for semester break, so for a couple weeks here, I am branching out into cat photos.


I am thinking that you can get great photos if you concentrate on a reasonable background and prepare, even if it means bringing your own tri-fold poster board.

I believe in the value of pets...for their own sake..and especially for making us better human beings because of them. So here goes my New year.
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