Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Actually, I do more than dog photos, really I do.

It was a double day of catch up on photos.
I like Pit bulls and pit bull mixes but it is not always love. They are so danged strong, they can disconnect your shoulder and you can't just let go of the leash..not with Pit bull bad press..So i am an unlikely adopter.
I am not adopting. I have a full house. In cold weather..good care is hard enough.

This dog, Rita, caught me. Caught my heart in a curious way. Now many dogs are mis-identified in Shelters. Get that straight. But she has the wedge head and the strong body. Some one has taught her to lie down for treats. She walks on a leash. She knows sit. And she took treats from my hand so gently. Who is she? Why is she here?
We both thought each other a little weird. An exception to whatever rules we had. But, I could, in the end, see her smile. Maybe she saw my smile too.

dog_Rita_web 2

dog_Rita_print_web 3
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