Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Branching out a little at the Shelter.

I have been doing a few cat photos at the Shelter. Most of the cat photographers are still on semester break, I think. And I really don't want to do it all. It takes time. If you love cats and have a good camera and just happen to live in Lawrence KS or us out.
I am not even trying for the typical 3 shots we use for dogs online adoption pics and one high res. for the newspaper. I get one good head shot and say, "Hey, this cat has a better photo and a better chance of adoption.

I go in to the Catopia- free play room- and try to close in on the newbies. I talk and wiggle my fingers. They like that, I think..Karma looks like she is permanently skeptical or smoking the stub of a cigar.But she is very inquisitive and friendly.


Fat cats are comfortable and don't really care, like Lafeete.


Chess was new to Catopia and I could not entice him out of his dark corner. So I took a few photos where I couldn't focus with almost no light. Heck, I couldn't even see the bottom of his head in the box, from floor level. So I put the camera on flash and auto-focus and put it in the box and shot totally blind.I got him! He seemed vaguely amused at my antics.


Little Kenya was still in a cage. She had not yet been promoted to Catopia. My friend Janet fostered her first litter. They were all adopted. Sweet kitty. Kenya adopted a second motherless litter. They have been adopted. And there is Kenya, still waiting. Sweet cat..Janet and I see her in a very feminine home.


In the meantime, I am reading Anne Lamott's book. "Stitches- A Handbook on Meaning, Hope and Repair." I have so much in common with this author. Including the part about how she couldn't adopt an animal in her youth, because she cried for those left behind.

I am almost over that part. I do what I can. So do we all. All in different miraculous ways.
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