Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

The big freeze took a break

Feb icicles for FB web

After what seemed a huge hibernation, we can now go outside. Typical for Kansas we might hit 50-60 degrees tomorrow.
My 96 year old Mom, living in Indiana, has been having some psychotic delusions. My brother was out of touch via cell phone when this happened and thankfully, I am second in line to admit her for psychiatric evaluation. And I did. It is out of hand right now.

Just a few months ago, we went out to dinner for her 96th birthday. With guidance, she did well and looked great.

I try to contact her by phone...but conversations are...vague. Or based on who is chasing her..or the monsters in her room..according to the really helpful nurse's station.
This is not sarcastic. The nurses are truly helpful.
All drugs, but those deemed necessary were eliminated. She is on Clorizone, which I understand as a last ditch effort for elderly psychotic behavior. Am I wrong about this? I still don't have the courage to look it up.
My mother and I have disagreed on everything our whole life together. But, occasionally, the last three years or so.. we laughed about this.
How does life go? How does life end?
Between weather and hoping for a speck of lucidity from my Mom- when do I visit? NOW, in hopes of bringing comfort? I don't know. What if she doesn't know I am there? Does that matter? Maybe just showing up is good enough.
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