Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

A miracle, a drug or a very good doctor.

Last week my Mom, age 96, slipped into a psychotic episode at her retirement center. There were monsters in her room. My Dad, who died 22 years ago, had found a new wife. The man in the hall wanted to kill her ....and more.

We moved her to a geriatric Psychiatric trauma center associated with Community Hospital in Indianapolis. The doctor removed all drugs but the ones they felt were crucial to life support. She had been taking 3 different anti-depressants, a sleeping pill, on top of heart meds and blood pressure meds.

Our days were filled with worry, tension, prayers, meditation. Last Sunday she still could barely speak to me on the phone. They transferred her back to the retirement center last night. I called today.
My Mom picked up the phone, chatted, knew where she was. She mentioned how she wanted to go "Home"..meaning her condo. She realizes she would need 24/7 help.
She asked that I come live with her there.
Me: "Oh Goody! So should I pack up my 2 cats and 2 dogs now and move in?"
Mom:( Silence for a moment) "No,Brenda, that would never work. We don't see eye to eye on anything."
Me: (laughter, with Mom joining in) "But. Mom, I've been trying for 65 years!"
Mom really laughed then.
Mom: "Has it been that long?" More laughs.

The short of it is Mom's mind is back full and strong as it can be at her age in 8 days on a new drug.I still can't always spell it, but it is Chlorazine. Maybe experimental. Often used in the elderly. But I have never seen such a quick recovery in my life!

My emotions have been a wreck this week. I almost feel like I am the one hallucinating Mom's new clarity.

I will visit soon. I might take my two big dogs for emotional support and exercise. Most dog-friendly hotels charge extra fees for dogs and have a weight limit of 40 lbs. My dogs weigh 80 and 95 lbs. This might take some negotiating.
At dog-friendly hotels, there is often a sketchy crowd. When I visit with large dogs, this crowd scatters. I think they believe I am a dog narcotic search team. But families and lonely sales people glom on me and beg to pet the dogs. So it can work. All depends on weather.
I guess I can quit painting moody landscapes now. No, wait a minute..I like moody landscapes. I just haven't mastered them yet.

Feb painting of Taos
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