Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Took a drive in the country today

February horses_edited-1
Trying to get, forgive me, a little horse sense, good sense of my life, my mother's...

I noticed that horse Brown looked pregnant.

City life is convenient. But it is really short on views and nature participation. I spend half my life currently, going to the grocery or stores, never stocking up, never seeing much that interests me. Wandering aimlessly.

It is not uncommon for retired couples to return to the country, even though they know that one day, they will need different digs. What about a single woman?

I went by my old house in the woods and someone had really fixed it up. I doubt that I want the woods anymore. And I know this hill. I know where the copperheads and rattlers are located.

I saw a wonderful house..looked it up.. way too big for me...But now I wonder what I can afford. I might just have to check this out. I haven't had a real landscape view in years. Why not now? Time grows shorter.
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