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This year I didn't hide the eggs. Cousins hid for cousins. It was a thoughtful process. Cousins helped cousins find the eggs too, when the site was just too difficult. I think we have four missing eggs that even the lawn guy didn't roll over.

In the meantime, Kansas has said that you can carry a gun anywhere except certain public areas like courthouses and other govt. things...maybe interior college buildings...I am not sure of the limitations just yet, but downtown Lawrence would be okay to carry non-concealed guns, on the street, since cities are no longer able to do their own laws on guns. Remember the name Gov. Brownbeck. I will do all I can to change his power.

I can appreciate the non-smoking, no E-cigarettes laws...I am still a smoker. I know these are reasonable laws. . I think I can quit...doing meditation because on Chantix I hallucinated. Other methods=rashes.

But if we don't notice people driving big cars that they don't need, carrying guns they don't need..inhale that for a moment. Suck up and inhale one too big truck. Just get behind it for a minute and take a deep breathe. How many cigarettes does that equal? But that is appropriate. Or not.

People are enraged if a cigarette butt, however drowned first, goes out a window ever..and I have been guilty, I confess, But how many people really recycle all they can? Where do they think it goes? In the case of the cigarette butt, it is swept up. Probably to landfill. In the case of plastic bottles, it goes to landfill, if not recycled and a lot of it is circling the world in a mass in the ocean.

Two choices for me. I have a handgun given to me by my dad in the 1970's. I hid the cartridge case so well from kids, I can't find it. But maybe I should holster on, to make a point in this small town. Even crazed liberal grammies can pack. Don't mess with me.

Or I can just go out..peaceful... I get to the point where I just don't want to participate. Pray and meditate for peace and reason.

I hope somehow the various laws in Kansas can be reversed. If not, I think we shall see street results quickly. Maybe then..
In the meantime, if I don't say much on LJ. I have things on my mind.
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