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Long time no see..long post..

May is busy in any college town. I have loved watching plays, vocal duets, dance recitals...complete with grandkids, who are terrific...and oh so talented...But it all takes time.
I actually didn't go to my second Iphoto class at the Arts center tonight, because I just need a night off. I started the class, thinking I hate Iphone and the photo capabilities. The instructor was kind enough to teach me the basics of Iphone. I know I hold the whole class back, but in this case the whole class was daughter Liz and me. The instructor, Robbin Loomas,(look up her cool photo paintings online) is so kind and patient and enthusiastic I actually am beginning to like my Iphone. I bought a couple Apps and am ready to experiment. Here is the key. I bought a stylus at Robbin's suggestion and the whole Iphone thing gets easier. Almost wonderful. I have arthritis and a crooked pointy finger that made even phone calls, let alone texting .. a tedious matter.
I am on my way now.

I also took a Digital photo class from Anne Dean at the Arts Center with daughter Liz. All those things on a Canon SLR that I didn't understand , even with the instruction book, are now becoming understandable.
This demanded a lot of experimental time to see how time lapse,shutter speed, ISO,F-stops, meter reading and many other things work. The photos are often boring, but it is how I learn, by doing. Instruction manuals may now make some sense to me.
Here are some photos of the shutter speed experiment, performed in my back yard with a glass bowl and a garden hose on a dark rimmed glass table.

Water for web_1

Water for web 2_edited-1

Water for web 3_edited-1

I am humbled that I memorize new stuff slowly. I learn best by doing. Sometimes I feel intimidated by the youngsters in class (in their 30's) that learn so quickly. I can always shoot on AUTO, but I am eager to take my time and learn these new things. Even if my shutter finger really goes 10 more degrees to the right, I bet I can shoot a photo for many years to come.
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