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My old Bodie dog died

I was in Indiana, visiting my 96 year old Mom. Bodie was boarded at the Vet. But his paralyzed larynx and his legs gave out. All at once. Fine on Monday, for a sick dog, and dying on Thursday. I was due back Friday. By car. 500 miles.
Thankfully, my vet, Gary Olson, has listed Bodie in his top 5 patients for years. He is a lab lover.He said it would be cruel to wait over night. And 500 miles away from home, my daughter in law Virginia, volunteered to see Bodie across the bridge. She did well. She is so brave and kind I can't express it. I am forever indebted to her compassion.
Many phone calls later, Bodie passed about sunset on Thursday
At first I couldn't stop crying. I hated not being there. Even this morning when I posted to all my doggie friends on Facebook, tears and more.
But now I am coming to see the miracles of our life together. We loved each other. He challenged me to try more. Be brave. I challenged him to be lovey. (No, you didn't always need to bring me something to be loved.) These things came to pass until we could almost read each others minds.
From our first weeks together, back in Arizona, Bodie didn't destroy much as a puppy. But he did destroy my clock radio immediately, which I felt was a stroke of genius.
When he was small he crawled under my gate and then crawled under the neighbors gate to poop. He always came back home. But for a few weeks I couldnt understand why there was no poop in my back yard.As a non native I wondered... Did Javelinas eat it?
I have so many adventures with Bodie I could share. Now THAT dog was a learning experience.
For a time, we considered getting the grandkids protective industrial goggles because of Bodies strong happy tail.

Bodie pup 3 for web

Some call Depression The Black Dog that sits on your chest and does not leave. Like William Styron and Winston Churchill. So I figured the way out was to just buy a Black Dog. Invite him in and see what happened. But that pup grew and grew and even knocked me over and broke my nose at about age 9 months.

Bodie pup 2 for web

On the other hand, he always wanted to do something for me. Like fetch my slippers right after supper,
Bodie brings slippers He did this for 10 years.

The tears have paused and I start to think of our life and how funny it great..
He will be missed always. Never has a dog taught me more. Never have I laughed so much.
He got me out and made me walk. So many things. He loved kids. And dress up.
Bodie2006getsnervousMand A


Right after this he got in the mail truck with the mailman who he really liked. Now when I see the mail man, since retired, at the grocery... He asks about Bodie.
Bodie snowy day_web

I will always love this dog. For many many reasons. And he loved me too. And saved me. More than once.

Bodie good splashes

Bodie face age 7 my white hair
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