Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

When I get too busy I get crazy

If I approach things slowly, I do so much better. I can think and not react. So many political things make me crazy. I don't want to pack a gun just to feel safe. How can I tell the good guys from the bad guys? This is not a video game. I guess I could carry pepper spray. But even that goes against my non-violent me I want to be.

We had a Dick's Sporting Goods Store have a Grand Opening last weekend. Tons of very cute exercise clothes. Why, if you had cardiac arrest, you'd be looking fine on the way to the hospital.

I was looking for good photo journey outfit or doggie park clothes. Cotton long sleeve soft trail shirts, with lots of pockets. Or even a cheap duck call. (I use these as unusual sounds to get a Shelter dog's attention for photos.) I walked out empty handed.

That night I got on Ebay and got a used set of calls, for the price of a turkey call at Dick's sporting goods (I still consider this store name as an unfortunate choice of names.) From Ebay ...Wild Turkey, crow, duck and Goodness knows what else for less than $20. They arrive this week.
Usually 6-10 dog photos a week is comfortable. Hour to shoot each day. Two day shoot. (15-20 minutes to edit and send)(1 high res. for Saturday newspaper.) Lower res. portrait and full and one more for Petfinder and Shelter site.)
Twenty one dogs in a week, makes me tense. I want them all adopted. I try to make it as glamourous as possible. Edit out the leashes. Fix any eye gunk. Blur scars. And fall in love with them at least 3-10 times a day.
Oh...and then there is the progress on the severe cruelty/neglect case for our vet. More photos. But i already love this dog who the Vet has brought back to life.
Every (well, most, I think) Shelter is trying to be a NO-Kill Shelter. This means a lot of transportation of dogs to another shelter, giving a second or third chance. So, you never can tell who is new this week.
It tires me out some weeks.
And then I go back to gun carry laws.. and I saw these sling shots at good ole Dick's Sporting Goods. Simple. Steel pellets. Quiet. You get one shot. Sort of like David and Goliath. Learn to be accurate and patient. If you need to..There is no trigger on a slingshot. No itchy thing to shoot someone.
I leave you with some photos for adoption at Lawrence KS Humane Society., which even when I am tired, I love the place, the dogs and the good hearted souls within- dog or human.

dog_Bernard_web 4

dog_Emma_web -4

dog_Abby_web 3

dog_Rex_web 4

dog_Packer_web 3
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