Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Is it the Buddhists that say this?

Or is it a Zen saying? "Chop wood. Carry water."
Do the basics first. Take care of the need.
So, another week of taking photos at the Shelter. I don't do much, but I do a little to help. Every week.

I, typically, don't ask for the dog's stories. I don't want to ask. And I leave the Kitty room, to cat people, although two people that I love have fostered orphan kitties, successfully. Gosh, those turn out to be splendid cats. The love shown comes back.

This week I got distracted. Small size Pit bull Mama named Ruby. Less than one year old, scratches on her face, just had a litter of puppies. And sweet as can be. She is not pushy-pully as many pitties are. Nope. She is gentle. She may be exhausted. She is very scrawny.And she takes treats from hand with gentle velvet lips. I brought a baggie full of cooked hot dog pieces to get dog's attention during photos. Ruby was very interested. In fact, I think we fed her more than 20 little pieces in the course of a 15 minute shoot.
dog_Ro_web 4

dog_Ro_web 3

The thing that haunts me, a day later, besides the scratches and starvation is the ugly hole in her ear. It doesn't even look like a dog bite, to me......but maybe some sort of tagging, maybe ripped out. Anyway, I love this dog.
I am sticking to a one dog house for a while. Emmy rules. My last Bodie bills were significant.

Shelter employees can barely, maybe not at all, support themselves on salaries. I am sure this is true for workers in many nonprofit agencies. The discouragement can be huge. Not just for the salaries, but trying your best to turn a world around.

One song came to mind. And it is not that I worry about professional baseball one speck.It is kind of in reverence to those who continue to try to make a difference. Heart. It takes heart.
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