Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

It got HOT

All of a sudden, after a mild summer.
Zambini the cat barely goes outside until the sun sets. He does not realize that he is now too fat to catch much of anything.

Zambini in  heat web

It is almost 100 degrees.

It was shelter day for photos. I saw a wonderful Pup, who was hyper hyper hyper.. He has no place to exercise, but was already paying attention to humans. He is called Taz.

Those of you who live locally, and donate to Lawrence Humane Society I'd love it if you could designate your donation to a very large puppy run..fenced on concrete so it can be Dis-infected if any disease breaks out. Design ideas?

Meanwhile here is good exercise pup.. I like. I wonder what would happen if he could run a bit. Then we could talk.

dog_taz_web 4
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