Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

The Once a Year Shoe day

Once a year, right before school begins, we go on a grandkid shopping trip for back to school shoes. Grammy's treat. We enter the store as 4 kids and 3 adults.
This year, I added the assignment as a warm up exercise to choose a shoe you don't want.Therefore, we have seven of us picking up every shoe in the house. They call in extra sales staff.

Kellar, age 6, has 3 pairs of sparkle shoes already. She needed some good shoes that could double for gym days. And she found the perfect pair. Still, we, as a group, pick up every shoe in the store. Because the rest of the crew is into finding the shoe they definitely don't want. Kellar has never met a shoe that she wouldn't consider in context or age. Little wise one.

The others choices for a shoe they don't want are telling and funny.

Owen's no-likey shoe  web
Anna says "How do people walk in these things?"
Anna's no- likey shoe web
Maya saying nope.
Maya's  no likey shoes web

End result. One low top Converse in grey. One high top Converse in black. One high top Converse in slate grey and Kellar's whatever brand...athletic wear in psychedelic colors. It matched her tie dye dress.

I love my family. It was a good day.
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