Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Donating to Charities

Because I donate to charities, I receive about 3 lbs of mail per day. Many of these are "Save the environment" types. I still receive phone calls every few days, if I donated some, I should be excited about giving more. I tell them that I have given, then that is that.
When I mentioned that I receive so many junk mail requests, even from save the environment organizations. The things the not for profits don't understand. as there mail and phone calls are basically robot that we are humans. I think that charity organizers for hire have made a huge mistake here on raising funds,
I could make a tree from them....well, Grandson Owen said we should...make a tree from all that is sent. Chances are we will do this project.
And chances are that every non-profit will not receive a donation for one year.
There is a better way,
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