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Looking around

Sometimes, when I actually wear my real glasses, instead of my old prescription glasses, the world looks totally different.
Usually I like the conformity of hay bales. But this time, I like how they are all prickly dry and the conformer's string ran out. (I know that if someone asks for a "roll in the hay"...they are looking for skin cream the next day...) And, this is really Wacko....I wonder if those bales of hay miss their relatives and would rather be just dried grass. Even worse, "Can grass long for buffalo?"
two Bales  for web
Perhaps I am listening to too much peaceful music. Is there too much?
After Taos, I turned off NPR except for evening news. I still watch Trash America's Next Top Model and Project Runway. At least it has a speck of arty invention to it all.
And in an election year, when on FB, so much is posted...about this or that...I have made my choices.
I lean left. But I have my beliefs in what is right and fair. I am a Christian and I actually have read what Jesus said to do. We are not yet doing it. So I read the Buddha and that connects to me. The short of it is, I will be voting on what Jesus and then Buddha says. There is no reason to quote Old Testament to me. Even St. Paul altered his thinking on that.
(Shrimp scampi is okay)
There you go. Stewed up some tomatoes from Farmer's market today, just to make winter Vegetable soup better.
Happy Saturday.
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