Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

She's Ba-ack....

I have had numerous problems with LJ this past month. Thanks to suggestions from friends, I might actually be back.You guys are the BEST!
I can teach a dog many things. But I can't always do the simplest computer things. Hence, the Kansan "If I only had a brain gesture."

And even photos are loading!

Kellar's first lost tooth

Kellar lost her first tooth this month. She is here with my son Noah. Her mom tells me she wrote a thank you note to the tooth fairy. Soon I might be able to post my in- focus photos.

I have tried to read through a month load of posts. There won't be any comments...but I have been watching.

This week at Humane Society in Lawrence Kansas I found a stand-up comic of a dog. Every time I clicked the camera shutter, he jumped 2 feet in the air. Then he came back wagging all over and wanted to do it again.

dog_Andy_web 4
Here is Amanda, my helper. I swear, where do these dogs come from?

Sometimes these photo sessions end with us laughing so hard, it is a wonder we get the job done.
dog Andy and Amanda selfie web_edited-1
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