Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Back from a wonderful trip to East Coast

I went to see Ben, my son and Beth my daughter-in-law.

I love these two.Such good people.
Ben and Beth VT.

When we meet, we go out and taste the tastiest place in Boston. Went to Sarma, this time. It is kind of weird, in that every thing is little bites. Therefore, I can't tell you what we had. Many little bites. Exquisite little bites. They had a write up in Best of Boston. Heck, I don't even understand the spices used in the article. But it was yummy beyond belief.

Moss tree web

It rained or misted the whole time in Vermont. Oddly I loved it. I have discovered that I love moss. Given enough time, I would spend a lot of it just taking photos of moss.

In Vermont, they make everything out of cheese and maple syrup. It is in shops and really wonderful stuff.(And does a brisk business, too.) Geographically , the land is divided by nooks and mountains and occasional pastures. I found an old pick-up truck surrounded by solar panels in a cider stop. I thought it quite optimistic, given the rain, cloud and snow they endure.

Blue truck Vt web

More later, I am sure. Me in the rearview mirror

Selfie Blie Truck Vt. web
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