Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Still behind, catching up with Christmas now.

I have plenty of photos from Shelter taken and many due. I am trying to get the dogs that have been there awhile online, looking Christmasy.Plus get new ones on with red backdrop. (Simple fleese blankets in lieu of photo paper. If they pee on paper background, the set is gone.) Fleece you can wash. Photo paper not so much.

If I put all dogs on a blue or red or white blanket backdrop as we go into January, "Ta-duh"..KU basketball season colors.

I mean to be watching all the Christmas films on TV and listening to Christmas music, and lighting a fire in ye old wood stove. Not yet.

This week's dog KIKI is my fiduciary emotional representative. Must focus=note to self.

I am having trouble focusing with all that has gone down lately in my personal life, let alone photos.

dog_Kiki_LJ edit.
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