Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

About education

My family will make it through budget cuts by our Governor Sam Brownback. Many will not. In the district, where my son teaches, a very small basically rural town....adjacent to Lawrence KS....they lose in budget $81,000 for school.
Road repairs can be postponed.Books can be banned.
It is all sort of re-designed into being Christian. Sam Brownbeck's kid go to private schools.I have read the Bible, I read the Bible in deep study groups. I KNOW what Jesus said. And it is not replicated in our local or Conservative National policy. It reaches back to before Jesus said there was a new way.
If you believe in the old ways, skip the shrimp cocktail.. Quote the old scriptures, or why that is okay. And the other things are not.
Jesus gave attention to children. That one is pretty clear.
And if you want to quote the WHOLE Bible...the scriptures on Rich men becomes clear. In the world view, I see that people want everyone to see things as I myself (you yourself) view things. And I don't and...mostly I don't even want to defend the sacred parts of myself..
This whole thing exhausts me. is my time to step up. Say it. Reflect. Say it. On why it is so very wrong Zam on a winter day
I am an angry cat waiting for one more thing to make me pounce
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