Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Still concerned with politics but I need to concentrate elsewhere.

Our state legislature is trying to branch out into banning books
for school children. But I won't think about it.

My grand daughters continue with dance. It is darned good exercise and a means to confidence in this world.
Here is Maya, out of costume, but still in stage make-up. She is in the Arts Center gallery in from of a Clare Doveton landscape,local artist whose work I love.

Maya and Claire web

And here is Anna, still vibrating from a wonderful performance.
Anna in gallery  web

They will start high school next year. Their parents, daughter Liz and son in law Eric have taken care to only introduce what they are ready for. And to be honest. I love this family.
Of course, I wish Maya and Anna would give me more than 2.20 seconds for photos after performances..but they are into friends. Right now, many of their friends are performers as well. And even at this age, some know they are gay. They reveal and Maya and Anna add friendship to see it through. Maya and Anna are, because of their parents, both reporters at one time on another, know exactly what is going on in our state. This family actually still reads paper newspapers including the Sunday NY Times.
Once upon a time in Indiana, my family in the 1950's had a swinging door between kitchen and dining room. My bothers were taller and older and yet the damned thing about knocked me cold a couple of times, because I could not see the window.
I think politics are like that.
Or maybe a pendulum out of sync. Waiting to find where it works again.
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