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It snowed kind of. I was thrilled by its appearance. It gave me time to read and reflect.
Snow and statue 2   for web

The snow is laughable by Bostonian standards. The photo is of a statue I picked up at a garage sale. Good enough for the things I have in mind.
I have been perturbed by state and national politics. Yet, I consider Kansas people the kindest ever I have met.
I think it is unfair and un-constitutional to legislate a National religion. We are a nation of many.

Perhaps it is what I have been reading lately."Unbroken" by Laura Hillenbrand. Has to do with Japanese POW camps,lost goals and redemption. Non-fiction.
"All the Light we Cannot See" by Anthony Doer. Nazi Germany and training camps and a blind girl and how lives intertwine through radio. Fiction.
"The Narrow Road to the Deep North", by Richard Flannigan Fiction, a novel I am currently reading. More Japanese POW camps and survivors and the deadness this creates within the soul. This might be the most bummer novel I have read since "The Road". I am giving it unhoped for redemption at the end.
But be-headings are in the news. How in the world do we deal with such things? I am open to anyone who has even one answer. Talk to me.
And it snows it's required minimal amount.I guess that is good,
Dear so patient with me and cold weather. Because she is a rescue, that I never intended to do.. I keep trying to pay it forward.
Em feb 3 web
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