Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,


Easter has come and passed. We had a great time.

And the inevitable and in inimitable egg hunt.

Noah brought by the silliest Easter bunny-type music and dancing ensued.

I didn't realize that Kellar, being the youngest, never had an Easter present animal. Meet Easter Lambie. He was born in a manger or possibly a bird feeder. He knows how to share his love

But lately, I realize I am a Christian. A Liberal Christian. Yep. Got a visitation. Got miracles...things you do not speak of lightly when asked.
One thing I have to say about recent "Christian" laws in Kansas,(Or in Indiana) or recent political comments, is that it has made me re-read what Jesus said. I don't read what others read, like Old Testament, I guess... but a long time ago I took an intensive Bible study.
Some day soon, I am going to have to write some political leaders to tell them why I disagree with their allegedly Christian view points. In the meantime, I meditate.. It is a very quiet process

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