Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Spring brings Insight.

For instance, if you let your grandkid play with your camera and then you go to shoot something...anything can happen. And I actually rather like it. I thought I was taking a photo of lilacs.

And then it rains or doesn't. I am as moody as Kansas in April.

I confess to letting politics worry me, a lot. Then I realized that most of the politicians who worry me the most promote a sort of fear. Not the what is fair sort of fear, which really is not fear, I think..but be afraid of this group or that because.. fill in the blank.
In the end, most people want the same things. Yes, some want private jets instead of a working car...But really what we want is love and friends and laughter and a sense that we are doing good things with our short time on earth. The interpretation of all this needs a little work, I admit. Like..if we goof over resources we are sunk.

This year , although I don't have any garden beds and should pay someone to put some in next year, organic matter and all...I am putting herbs and vegetable into planters. I can manage planters usually.
A regression. Most times I plant a tree, the guy from the nursery finds really weird things in the ground. Last time, planting a maple tree, he found glass shards that were about .75 inches thick. Nearly an inch. THICK! What produces glass so thick? An ancient car windshield? A telescope? He approached me with bloody hands saying, "Boy, we never had this before." After the bandaids, I got to thinking. Was this the farm dump or the city dump at some point in the past? I can't bear to research it.

I really should give this place up and find another. I know that. But I love the big roving back yard when it is full of kids and big dogs. Not sure that now is the time in life to buy a 2 story home.

So, there is weird stuff underground. Gardens would have to be elevated. Mosquitos are terrible in summer, I think because my neighbor hoards everything...I can still see his hoard of the gutters I replaced in 2006.
We shall see.
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