Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

An early lunch with daughter Liz

She will be 40 in just a couple days. Downtown Lawrence lunch at 715. That is a restaurant name for 715 Massachusetts street Lawrence Ks. I had the trout special with couscous and greens and she had the Trout salad.

We just had a chance to talk. The topic ended up being "The thread of Life". I was saying that as I got older all I could see of my other lives was some sort of something in a woven rug..almost invisible now, but yet recognizable somehow.
Liz was saying that her past seemed like it was someone else or a movie of someone else, but still she could find herself in the story of it all.
I had a bunch of books to sell at The Dusty Bookshelf. Such a wonderful quiet store with helpful employees and a cat asleep in a wingback chair.

With my Mom dying this past November and trying to help whenever my brother needs some support on settling a confusing estate, I opted not to go with Liz and family to Paris, London and Wales this year. It was Wales, I didn't want to miss. But she is going.

Liz is into fluent Spanish. Husband Eric needs some brush-up for his French. Liz is into shopping language skills before traveling. Good girl, she is...

Currently my travel has been down scale. I look for pet friendly hotels that are not located next to Trucker bars or porno parlors. I have found a few chains that are working the good places well.
I want to go upscale a few times in my life with Em, the practically perfect :) Golden retriever, before we get much older. I look at the dog resorts in Carmel California, where the dog gets welcome baskets and the beach is near-by. I would just like to do this sometime.
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