Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

LJ Wanderer or wonderer

I can't explain why I have not taken many photos or written much here lately. Just as in real life, I observe what is going on in each person's life, but I have never been a reliable chatter box or one with a quick comment. In fact, I am really quiet most of the time. All of May it mostly rained with the exception of a few days that were glorious.

It is so rainy our birds have rusted. (And so have I.) This isn't a Kansan phrase, but this year it could be one.

Is it just me or does Nature seem to be doing weird things? That is how long it has been since I spend true time outside!

Succulents are closed up. Waiting for sun and heat.

Family is healthy and happy and so am I. It is cherry season. I always thank the Northwest for this time of year.

The old saying goes, "Life is a bowl or cherries." Is it? We all have pits. Some of us, young and old are a bit cracked. But when I am faced with a bowl of ripe cherries I eat them and let the juice roll down my double chins.
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