Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

I have been under the weather

Literally. It rained all of May. Then the sun came out and it is over 90. My flowers alternately drown or dry out.
Sometimes in very hot or very cold weather, I get back into depression. I think it has to do with not going outside and getting proper exercise and eating too much meat. Not to mention turning into a recluse.
But the fruit is now in and so many vegetables to choose from. There is a study from KU regarding Depression. Basic rules are, exercise, eat fish or take fish oil, socialize with at least 1 person a day, get sunshine or take vitamin D, don't ruminate, get a good night's sleep. Common sense, right? Sometimes I need to remind myself of common sense. And act on it.
I have been looking at new houses. Some are way out in west Lawrence...all of 4 miles from city center. I am a wimp. Some are too modernly sterile. Need a ranch type house with a master bedroom and laundry on first floor.
I need to get out of my rut. Either move or do fix up here. Girlfriends are so useful.My friend convinced me to join a 60 plus exercise class. I walk well on flat, but give me a chair to get out of or stairs and it is not a pretty sight. I have to swallow my pride and go with the 80 year olds till I see some progress.
I need to get out and take more photos.
But I still do weekly photos at the Shelter.
I always enjoy meeting dogs. My Emmy is getting older and I look at each dog as a "Wonder what if..."
Baloo is up for adoption. He weighs 145 lbs. He sings when you bring out treats. I really like him, but do I need 145 lb. dog?

Or what about Esmerelda, found as a stray, listed as a Basset mix who we think might be a Petite Brussels Griffon? Cutest darned dog. If I was really ready for a small dog, I would choose her.

Meanwhile, I await tonight's storm.
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