Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Weird Summer in Kansas

Either big rain or high temperatures.
Humid. In Kansas in summer. the spring I had the hairdresser cut my hair in layers for the humidity and constant rain. I would call it the Portuguese water spaniel cut. Now it is mid July. I am into the scissor cut Maltese cut.

Thing of it is.. hair will grow.

Once upon a time when I was about 5 years old, I refused to comb or cut my hair for an entire summer. What a wonderful summer! Wild and free.
Eventually, I was captured by my Mom and grandmother in the back seat of a '56 Chevy and hauled into the hairdresser's place , kicking and screaming ,where my hair was cut into the formation of either Buster Brown or the guy on Dutch Boy paints. Then I had to pick out dresses for the new school year. This , was at best, tedious.

Now I am in my sixties. I like my hair. It goes with the weather. It is a good cut and looks fine when I have to dress up and wear jewelry and such to look Glam. That is rare. Sometimes if I add a head band, oh my goodness, I am an old hippie.

There are hardly any clothes in my closet. I cleaned it all out. Now everything in my closet suits me and fits. I saved no shoes but those that made my feet feel good.

But weather effects both dog Em and me. We stay in. We are waiting for the clue of Fall to travel North.
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