Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Photo day at the Shelter.

I always enjoy Shelter Photo day. I particularly enjoy it when the temperature is in the 80's instead of 95 and above with obscene heat index of, oh, say 115.

When I shoot in summer we do outside shots. In winter or rain we set up with a backdrop and sometimes props.
Due to health considerations, puppies, under 6 months cannot touch the ground in the kennel halls or outside. That is how contagious things can be to a pup who hasn't finished their vaccination series.(In a building that takes in city strays of unknown immunizations.) Yet an adoption would mean the world to us and to the pups..
Unfortunately some pups weigh about 40+ lbs at 5.5 months. My handlers and I are over age 60. Lifting a wiggling 40 pounds can be challenging. Janet has 20 years as a volunteer. Ramona also does double duty as the official adoption counselor employee.
Offices are okay, but difficult for photos. Big pups cannot be held up for photos. It doesn't work. (Next time I see big pups on the photo list, I will get a backdrop set and one huge dog bed and a toy)
Two out of four attempts were complete failures. It was a case of two sets of siblings, gone too long without enough socialization. One of each pair was very social. The non dominant pup was a wreck. That will improve with time. But not always in the Shelter environment and rarely on picture days.
One sweet puppy just tried to lay down on the job. Thelma made a heart with her paws. We made our connection.

Outside, we had our normal row of rowdies. Hint to photographers or dog trainers. A pocketful of roast herbed leftover chicken gathered attention. I think if I had more than 20 minutes, we could have trained many things.

In the midst of this we found a moth. A beauty. Right in the middle of the dog path. Ramona stopped me. I took a photo. At first it wouldn't fly off. Ramona said, "What should we do?..Maybe I could take it to my office?" No. Her office has a found Dove, a found Ferret and a kitten in a cage. Moth was set free. He or she didn't have an owner anyway.

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