Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Deep deep summer

My summer has been spent in front of a fan.

I had some mild depression, but it had me worried. I asked my nephew, who also has worked in a bookstore and suffered depression to send me some book ideas.
Latest one I am reading "The Noonday Demon" by Andrew Solomon. It is depressing when the book you read about depression is depressing. The author is also a writer for The New Yorker It is detailed and articulate. If you ever want to know how different anti-depressants are prescribed, and what they do..this is the place. If you want to hear about alternative treatments, look here. Very detailed book. The author suffers as well.

For me, the illness comes and goes. At the top of my daily To-Do list...I am writing.. "Do what makes you feel good." And I do. I paint. I recently watched the musical "Into The Woods" and so I decided to paint my own version of "Out of the Woods" Boy, that sucker is dark. It is not finished.

It slightly upset me that the town of Topeka accidentally flushed their sewage to us via the Kaw or Kansas River.. We have a reservoir for our real water.
THEN..the EPA flush of a chemically laden mine down the Los Animas river from Silverton Colorado, just north of Durango. The news media posts are from Farmington NM. If you have never seen that looks like a dicey sort of town. Then you notice truckload after truckload of peppers and corn and tomatoes and melons. This could destroy their already dependent life.

I will go to Taos NM later this summer. Just waiting for the pavement to cool. The road west heads through Ken Burn's Dust Bowl documentary. Sadly, this country... this land.. has never made a come-back from the 1930's, when government recommended plowing down the natural prairie for wheat. If there is a year to come back, it would be this rainy one.

Taos is kind of like Sante Fe, but not so expensive. It is funky and quirky. Ever so arty.
I have always stayed at The Sage Brush Inn.Georgia O'Keefe had a room here to paint, when she first came to this country.
Even I have a room in mind. Dog friendly. Has a frig. I know where Sid's, the organic grocery and deli is located. Each year, I track the sunset...til I know the precise time of the bounce of color.

I look forward to this.
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