Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Home from Taos NM

It is a long drive and sometimes a dismal drive to Taos NM from Lawrence KS, all 708 miles of it. I passed through Ken Burn's Dust Bowl documentary and Tim O'Brien's book. "The Worst of Times" about the 1930's Dust Bowl. But those areas are looking better. I try to overlook the sprinkler system for crops, because I don't know what that means in the long run.
Taos in particular had an accidental rainy summer. It is lush. They are harvesting hay. Fresh sweet corn signs on every corner. Rain showers are almost predictable about 5 PM.

This is the place I run away to...

This year, temperatures and grief and all sorts of things were doing their work on me. So, as soon as the pavement cooled I ran away to Taos. My late husband is "buried" or ....shall we say, his ashes are spread there.

I don't know why the expression, "depressed" never occurs to me when I am there. I am there. I am not in the past or the future. I just stay right where I AM , without past or future.
Without expectation. And each day brings anticipation. What will happen today? I wait and be surprised.

The field I love for best sunsets was mostly all hazed by western fires. But I see, by the rocks, that many have visited.
Or, you can look a different direction.

My Em has been a very good traveler.

Really, the Best dog yet, as a traveler. She never complains and always delights.
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