Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

I forgot to post the photos from the little camera.

Did I post the photos of Em in Red river? Or journal concerning Em, who for a long time was second dog?

This vacation developed what we know in dog training and relationship as invisible leash. You are reading each other all the way.

There is a way of dealing with a vacation. Many people want to do many things on vacation. I don't. I walk a lot. I look at sunsets a lot.

I came into it, depressed. But that word left my mind by simply doing what comes next. Accepting what came next.

In the morning walk with Em around the Sagebrush Inn in Taos, a guy came up behind us who startled us. He said he was walking his wife's therapy dog. A very old German short-haired pointer.
He said he was re-tired from 45 years in the film industry. I said that I had basically had few real jobs. But retired. (That is a huge story in itself) Never the less, he shared this morning's stock report. So that he watches.

I think because I was from Kansas, he thought I was REAL conservative. I think because he was from Los Angeles, I thought he was Real liberal. Conversation continues...

His statement..."Why does Obama have to choose Martha's Vineyard, which is a white place to vacation?"
ME..."Do you realize what you just said?"
And this was on one cup of coffee. I was speechless.
We parted ways quickly. I yelled across the parking lot. "I disagree with everything you said. But I like your dog anyway."
And he said, "I like your dog too."
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