Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

A Home With a View

About three weeks ago, my friend from Kennel Club, dog training, interest in shelter volunteering, Member of Book Club, contacted me. She knew I was looking at houses. She lives down the street.
It was a FSBO- For sale by owner- and needed a lot. But a lot was really right with the house. Mechanical are all good. It has a lot of 1970's Gramma decorating. The back porch turned into family room had to be gutted because of termite damage. I am re-building that. Consulting every one I know to consult to make it termite proof.

So I find myself thinking about Lawrence Kansas. It sits on the juncture of both the Sante Fe trail and the Oregon trail as started from Westport Mo. where the wagons were built for wagon trains headed west. It was a trade trail. It was not a one way street. Many people returned East.
On the other hand, Lawrence Kansas was built as resolution to be a "Free State" as it is often called.The purpose was to make Kansas an anti-slavery state. Our first citizens were very moral easterners from Massachusetts, in particular, a town named Lawrence. Our main street is called Massachusetts.
They built proper New England homes as soon as they could. When Quantrill burned the town to the ground, they re-built, only better. This town is loaded with gorgeous homes from the 1850's to the 1930's. Painted Ladies and Bungalows and everything in between

I want to pay respect to both things in my new home. This is where I am. These are the furnishings I have.
I have a view. I am putting light as the first thought. I have never seen such light in my next-to-campus house.
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