Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Christmas Eve Eve AKA last night

Daughter Liz volunteered to host what is usually my self-hosted Birthday/ Bring in Christmas party at her house. I am so grateful since my new house is still a disaster and my energy is low.
The band I have dubbed (Mostly family and two more) "The Once A Year Band" displayed their usual enthusiasm and humor. I particularly enjoy their rendition of "We Three Kings". Everyone gets to sing on the long slow chorus. Star of wonder, Star of Light...But in between the banjo twangs high speed, along with the fiddle and it sounds like a rush of feet, not unlike the rush of feet at Best Buy on Black Friday. My grand-daughters can clog or disco dance to it. It is kind of hilarious.
One of my Jewish friends said, "Oh thank you. This has delivered me from thinking all Christians were like Ted Cruz."
I invited my closest friends and Liz invited hers, who I have known for at least 20 years . Old families, young families.
I tasted my first Mince pie from my dear friend Anne...a British import of over 25 years,also an architectural teacher at KU, who like me, can sing those carols out and knows all the words. She booms. I squeak in comparison. Her daughter is studying Opera.

Now, if I can just learn to take low light photos and still enjoy the party... photos.

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