Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

My days

On Mondays and Fridays I make it a point to visit the new house and check progress. Often I am discouraged. It all seems so slow.
But in the past month I got a Building permit from the City. This was not an easy process. It was not like a new room or an expansion. It was simply repairing a house that suffered huge termite damage. But I jumped through the hoops anyway.
So I think of Agility dogs. They do the ramps, the tunnels and the ridiculous weave poles, just because...If not the owner, the dogs itself is driven to the challenge. That is where I am.

In the meantime, sometimes I just take myself to a flea market in February. I used to be an Antiques dealer, but now I look for fun or the one statement I want to make in the new house. I rarely buy a thing. Most things are what you would call "tacky" by today's designers.

If I can find a mirror, I take a shot. As Forrest Gump phrased it "For no particular reason."

I find the whole process of junking relaxing. Look at all the stuff no one wants. We really are an opulent society sometimes. I want to encourage some of the dealers to just donate their stuff. It can be a tax deduction. Young artists and those with retro taste would buy it up...especially if they knew it was going to a non-profit.

Sometimes, I just drive around the countryside. I look around. Kansas is all one brownish grey color in February.
I thought these vine trees were somewhat threatening. Less than 4 miles from town.

Once upon a time I lived in Louisiana. I had an Antique/Vintage clothes shop. A lot of my clientele were gay, or transies, or impersonators...and I always looked for this stuff, especially around Mardi Gras. What a fun group, they were! So...20 some years the midst of Kansas Conservatism, I find the perfect pair of Mardi Gras shoes. I posted these on FB because we actually have a Mardi Gras parade in Lawrence KS. started by a musician duo relocated after Hurricane Katrina. Look up Truckstop Honeymoon sometime. Funny lyrics.

I want these shoes to find a good home.

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