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I mean to post more..send me your prompts

Good things. So many local people have come to me and said they appreciate my dog photos. Can be seen under Brenda Gadd on Face Book. I do my best, for those dogs who need a home. But I want to pass it on to other photographers, too.
Since Presbyterians have no nuns, it is hard to explain. No religious order would take me in anyway. But I am seeking a life of Peace.
Working on a house is tricky. I am trying not to become a Home Depot or Menard's groupie. They are the two major suppliers in Lawrence Ks. I am liking for winter the selection of men's Construction workers socks at Menard's.
Sometimes I go to the Habitat for Humanity resale store. I have donated a lot of construction supplies there lately. This week's temptation was a hobo art mosaic table. Beautiful. Missing some mosaic pieces. Thousands of hours of work went into this. Price $92.

I tell myself no. I have electricians and contractors to continue paying. Someday this house will be done...maybe April?
When I go in for morning progress reports or paycheck requests my carpenter has sparkling pale blue eyes as he shows me the new doors. And they are great. The doors. He is so proud of his work. Unfortunately he likes Donald Trump and I am kind of a Bernie type. Known him for 13 years. Had to almost ban him from former projects for listening to Rush Limbaugh on site. Now he is appearing in my dreams most inappropriately.

I might be losing my mind.

But I have one constant. Waiting for some concrete to cure and hope it doesn't rain to turn the yard to mud. Need some seed or sod. Need a gate on the fenced in part. But here is my good girl. She doesn't bark much and she waits. She is getting older and so am I. Finally we get out for some city walks.
The one constant is Em.

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