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About every other year I arrange a family vacation somewhere we have not been before together. The whole family. This year it was Utah. Zion NP for Spring break. But right before vacation I hurt my knee OR Arthritis caught up with me.

Zion National park is a wonder. We, as a family were awestruck. We stayed in a place called True North, just inside park boundaries. It is a huge house and estate and perfect for a family of 11-all ages.

I knew when I got there that I could not walk well. Hiking was out of the question.

When I got there, I noticed that the owner had numerous New Age CD's that I have at home. Also numerous book titles that I have read and even more that I wanted to read. I made it through 3 books in just a few days. There were all sort of drums and instruments to make you own music.
I sent the families out on hikes. Each armed with one of my small cameras.

The owner had wind chimes too. So perfectly co-ordinated, they became little friends. Sometimes my kids took me to places for photos. Some times they walked me down close paths.

Sometimes I hobbled outside on a patio

And sometimes kids took their own magical photos.

In total, I think we had over 250 photos, But this will give you the gist of the thing.

Visit Zion National park. It will be very crowded in summer. Take the time to find a quiet place. Better yet, go in Autumn or early Spring. This is a very well managed National Park. Shuttles where you need them. Stars abound.And the magic hour for photographers is abundant.

And now, I get back to getting a knee back. I want it back. X-rays show no breaks, nothing but "mild" arthritis Looking for new ways with this besides 12 hour Alleve. Anything. Physical therapy and oh-my-goodness losing weight. No MRI's have been taken.

Maybe the kindness of my family is what I needed to see. Every family cooked a dinner for 11 and cleaned up and did it with cheer and even helped me out when the whole knee thing hurt.
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