Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Every change causes another

So, here I am at this new house, which I like a lot.Re- Built, in part, for an aging Golden retriever who I loved beyond measure, who died and never got to grow old here. And the big concrete patio that I built heats up like a microwave in summer heat. Kills most flowers. The old woman who lived here before planted lots of Yucca. One didn't get bulldozed. It thrives. I get the hint.

I am missing my old dog like crazy. I found a litter of Goldens in Leavenworth raised by people who are dedicated to family Goldens. Child raised. Raised, I think for the kindness of it all. Retired military. Not expensive. Some goofy. Some not. But they all have the Golden heart. One litter was born about when Em died. Spooky. Can't say the details yet.

In the process of moving, selling house, remodeling another house...I managed to get an abdominal hernia...moving and packing things I shouldn't have... And it needs some surgery. Should be easy. Can do laproscopy? Is that the word? Next week perhaps?

That is because I want to review this litter of pups one more time and try to adopt one. Who will it be? I want the Golden personality in my life. It suits me. The optimum training and socialization times in a pup's life are 8-16 weeks. To get used to home, to meet others. to have new experiences. A 7 week old pup is easier than a 7 month old. Can I do it? Can I get energy back in time? And to top it off the Lawrence Jayhawk Kennel Club puppy classes, which I once apprenticed, start right on time.

And much to the dismay of friend's at the Shelter...I am not going to adopt a pit bull or many other strong breeds that will pull me over. A golden is generally soft, in time. I will take care of my missing piece first. I am still working on trying to love small breeds.

All plants are dwindling in Kansas heat. Yuccas are okay, with shade, lilies can work.
And of the photo....every change you make....brings the seeds of other changes.

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