Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

One week

Here is how I felt after surgery.

Yes, that is dried up Yucca. I think that anesthesia lasts much longer in older bodies. I followed every post-op suggestion of pain killers and then stool softeners and ended up on a Saltine and water diet, not knowing when to throw up or or gag or eat. In 7 days I can now eat. I won't give you the details, but things are working out.

That was not fun. I caught the NPR and FB news, but avoided TV. Totally shut out any electronic media for a few days. It was clear I had to heal.
Because of the heat in Kansas, which also makes me wooky, I make one drive to the grocery and then quit for the day and read. Usually this is all done by 11 AM. I am making myself take photos again.

I bought some cheery sunflowers the other day....what is a Kansan to do? But today, I noticed the sunlight through the flowers more than the flowers themselves.

I believe in the power of good change. It happens all the time in Nature. Change is going to come. Good change. It has to.

And some good change is coming to me. A former obedience instructor and Kennel Club member friend gave me the name of a breeder who has a litter ready just about the time I heal (completely)from surgery. Seven more weeks. I am on the list. This is a specifically bred Conformation and Performance sport litter. (Um, I am just barely walking...) I was very frank with the breeder that I haven't done performance or confirmation dog things. But I train a lot. Just for a good pet. But I do enjoy a pet who also will watch re-runs with me.

They accepted me. The dog price is large. These guys are crazy with checking out pups everything. But I figured, okay. I am 68. I want one more pup, if things go well, could see me to age 80.
I have 6-7 weeks to learn to walk better. Do some arm weights. Jog about 4 footsteps. Right left, right left. I noticed that my friend and neighbor has some agility equipment in her back yard.

The breeder said in different words what Bodie's breeder said to me long ago. "The dog will become what you want them to be." Her words were, "These dogs can learn anything."

So here we go. Changes. It is always changes.
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