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Books and dogs

It has been 13 years since I raised a puppy. I have reserved a puppy with a very dedicated breeder who sends photos of the litter almost every day. I don't know if it will be a male or female. But it will be a very carefully raised Golden Retriever pup.

I am currently reading a marvelous book by Ian Dunbar "Before and After Getting your Puppy." Do you know that if I get the pup at 8 weeks...the time until 12 weeks is when all major human socialization takes place. The problem is that the pup can barely go anywhere because he won't have complete immunizations until about 12 weeks or possibly after. Four weeks to make sure the dog likes people...a lot. The author suggests the pup meet 100 different people in that time period.

Okay. But basically I am a recluse except for a circle of about 30 tops friends and family. I will have to hold Puppy parties and invite people over and make them play with my pup. I guess I better make snacks too. it will be fun! I can get the grandkids to bring a few friends over. That could be fun. I can take the pup to various carry-out drive-thru windows or the bank... ONE HUNDRED PEOPLE. I can sit on park benches outside the hospital, where very few dogs have been. I must think on this.

This is a "performance" dog litter....And I don't mean singing Karaoke renditions of Tammy Wyette. No, the relatives of this dog-of-mine-to-be do obedience, conformation, agility. dock diving, hunting certification, search and rescue.
As minimum, by age 3 months they should know sit, down, come and the beginnings of stay. The breeder/seller will begin the trainings soon, I bet. And I actually think I can do this.

I have seen so many neglected puppies come to the Shelter without good beginnings. Just this once I want to start at the very beginnings from a breeder who does everything she can for a litter. I want to see if I can make this dog my next excellent dog and pal.

The breeder is watching for which pup would be best for me. She knows my disabilities and age. She has confidence that her dogs can be trained into just what I want. I am a good trainer.
In March I could not walk or barely so. Cortisone shot in the knee still has it at bay.In June I had a hernia operation. Check. Taken care of. I don't run but I am walking with stability. I have even started to lift the 3 lb. weights that have gathered dust in the closet for years.

It is kind of a crazy adventure, but one I look forward to. One of my favorite lines from a Paul Simon song is, "I can't run, but I can walk much faster than this."
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