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Deep summer sunflowers

Sunflowers. I come back to them year after year.Like Lilies and peonies in spring. Hopefully, I will have enough sunflowers to frame. Given that I love earth tones, they add a pop to any room.

I have been taking way too many dog photos lately at the Shelter. I want to get back to taking photos just because I want to take photos.

Sometimes I get on a total reading tangent. The real technical about dog training and raising. And also a history of a breed. And then Sun Magazine arrives and I am reading more than 3 things at a time. Not advised. I am distracted.

One very positive book I have mentioned before. "Before and After Getting your Puppy" by Ian Dunbar. I have not quite finished it. I hold the final kernels as dessert. We are on teaching inhibited biting. Usually, this is not a problem with spaniels or retrievers.

I am also reading at the same time Bronwen Dickey's book "Pit Bull." This is an wonderful history of the breed, and who is the breed and who isn't. That identification can be made with about 4 breeds. Worse, when Shelter employees and management don't have the funds to genetically ID a breed, they guess wrong about 60% of the time. For instance

Sometimes a mixed breed will take on a confirmation look and be entirely different on the inside.

Mostly across the country shelters guessed wrong 60% of the time on who was a pitbull and who wasn't. I am thinking the blocky skull is somehow dominant.
Wonderful stories in this book on Press releases and those dogs that killed by breed that were never reported. And people being stereotyped by their dog. It is a good read. Trust me. If that is an interest area.
On the other hand, the dogs that are locked in back yards, that are chained, that seldom see human friends or dog friends....I think there is the problem.
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