Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Rosie day 3 at home

We are still in baby stages, where the world looks big. Her favorite thing thus far is when grandkids comes to visit. They can run forward and backward and sit on the ground, unlike her owner, who bends over a lot from a chair. Actually I can get up off the ground, but it is awkward.

She hears the geese but I don't think she has seen them yet.So she listens.

With grandkids, they play puppy games she understands- like chase forward and retreat and let her chase them, then they chase her...on and on.

I have to pay special attention to her exercise and feeding times in order to house train. Mostly I have made the mistakes on timing. If I fail, she howls like a banshee.

The rest of the time, Rosie is very observant of the land around her.

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