Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Raising a puppy

Oh my Lord, this takes some time and devotion. Sometimes you know you have it.
Gates and other devices...Provide a bit of Internet time.

We are currently enduring cat wars. Zambini is cool. He just bats the dog when needed. Zam would say... "No, I don't find slobbery stuffed toys or sticks, amusing....And I see no point in racing.Therefore I will bat you when you disobey."

Cat Pen is a reclusive cat a cat with asthma or something like it,since the day I brought her home...9-10 years ago... and she hates that a Pup interrupts her sun time outside. We are working on this. I am thinking she rented her costume from a "Cats" touring crew. When Kitty sitters kitty sit, they never see her.

And then there is the problem with buckets. Rosie loves buckets most of all.

After that, Lambie, Lambchop toy. Notice how she likes to stay in contact.

Okay. I am all into animals right now. How will this pan put?
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