Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Okay...before you drown in puppy photos....

Honest to goodness..I am on this 24/7. I really want a really good dog. For me. Not for the world.
And thank goodness, I started this early. Knee is acting up and I wonder if you need to get in line for a new Cortisone shot. Last one was April. But I know a few people who have trained dogs from a wheelchair. Not there yet.

First face in the morning and last at night.

Mostly if I don't get up before dawn, Rose brings all her toys from outside, inside.

Rosie wants to play and be with me. We are already bonded. First few weeks I could barely get on the computer without mischief occurring. Now, she just gives me the "look."

I would not recommend a new puppy to anyone with big physical problems or lack of time to spend on the project. And in my opinion, Goldens are pretty easy, in the scope of things.

At 4 months, she sits on command and has a pretty good recall. Down is looking good. Stand is iffy. Stay is a work in progress.

Yeah, I am that far into doggie. I purposely make time out of the house for Rosie to learn to stay in a crate for awhile. That something good is coming.

My friends are getting off the charts and possibly making themselves ill over this election.

Not me. I heard what I heard. Nuff said.
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