Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Puppy Mom me

Rosie at almost 4 months.

I used to get up with the sun. Rosie gets up in anticipation of the sun. I used to like to drink a lot of coffee before I got going. Rosie likes to wake up and begin her day She expects big things from me.

I have to say, after some episodes with a bum knee that was somewhat resolved by cortisone in the spring, I am walking more and better. I know when to let up on the knee and take a day off. I learn to teach lovely retrieves from Rosie from a chair.

I think my whole idea of being a recluse was kind of false. True, I am shy, but when needed to be out there, I can do it, with charm. Of course the introvert side kicks in and I have to think of everything everyone said at a social engagement til at least midnight. It is a strain.

Rosie likes seeing people and dogs in the day. She is willing to learn whatever I have up my sleeve for the day. She adores kids, so I am teaching clicker training for them to practice at home. Or here.
Rosie also has 2 Golden retriever adult friends. Kind and gentle but are willing to come after her with air snaps when she is being obnoxious.

Truly, my days are full of dog training. Dear Rose, is learning the sweetest forms of affection. When I am just tired out, she lays right beside me...full length
Of course being in growing stage, she has the long body of Super dachshund on stilts with a smaller expressive head and huge paws and the tail of a saluki with little hair and a tuft at the end. I am so fortunate to not have to deal with her going to Junior High dances.
I love going to garage sales. Last week I picked up an old MC Hammer CD with the "Can't Touch This" song on it. I told the breeder i would do a video of Rosie and me dancing to this one day. She thought I was joking. Why do I ever open my mouth? It is at least 4 years away.
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