Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Night and day

Maybe I am one of the few who love winter. I have some songs on my phone, which I can connect to the car. I have the old fashioned CD disks. Sometimes I transfer them Sometimes I forget to do that.

In winter and fall I switch what I listen to, especially if I am in creative mode. Loreenna McKennett is right there. Dark and mysterious, but yet a joy.

I am in a place that offers a wonderful a view of dawn.

I am way into raising a puppy and some days I think she is nuts. We train. I think she gets it ,the next day. Like she woke up with understanding

Two friends came by to visit not me, but puppy Rose...or at least they said so. :) Funny thing is, a dog diffuses things so you can talk about what you really want want to talk about.

And the old phase, "Sleep on it." gives me new understanding. Apparently it does for puppy too.

Deep in the night we get understanding. What happens then? Dreams...Sometimes the pup wakes up to understanding things she didn't before. I do too.

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