Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

In my neighborhood not many trees change colors

If you want the bite of red maple leaves, you have to plant one. They were almost always planted along a pioneer highway in small towns. Our town and many others in kansas were settled by New Englanders. These days certain neighbors and neighborhoods have planned landscaping. I do miss that red maple seen in town- at least a hundred years in some cases. Mostly 25-30.

I am working my pup Rosie double time a day. She was so outrageous at her last puppy class, leaping through the air and not listening to a word i said. Switched that night to Gentle leader which controls nose direction. Great tool. Then she rolls to get it off. We continue. Treat all the time! Then at some point she realizes..."I get it. I follow your lead. I love you. you love me. We are cool." We also use a harness thing that has a front lead on chest. Not one with with potential for pulling.

Rosie loves repairmen and even pictures of kids on TV. It takes her about 6 seconds to decide. But she hates urban trash cans on the curb. FEARFUL!
I have been through my share of moving and my share of grieving for now.
It is nice to see something so simple. Rosie's ears going golden for Fall.
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