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A long but good Thanksgiving

I dog sat my granddog Phoebe this weekend. Daughter Liz knew in advance that it would be relentless pestering by my 5 month old Rosie. Phoebe is a splendid and patient dog....the also rescued dog and daughter of my Golden Em.

I feel like the Jane Goodall type observer of dog behavior. Rosie had no manners with regards to dog behavior. For her, it was pounce on their heads and see what happens. The answer is "They snarl ferociously." Air snaps. And then after that they get into pretend fighting and neck and face mouthing. Thing of it is, they can do this for hours and hours. I felt like I had to keep an eye on them at all times. This can kind of screw up your brain. Then at night they collapsed, just exhausted.

Next day began with more play fighting....

Please notice that Rosie is offering one more stick (Paw in foreground) and notice Phoebe's expression. I was with Phoebe. Everyone slept like logs, eventually.

After the loss of two nearly 20 year old cats over the months of fall, Daughter-in-law Virginia and son Noah and family began fostering kitty litters from Lawrence Humane Society in their home. You can name them too. Raise them to wellness and human relationships. Because they both work they did not take on special care kitties who are orphaned or need round the clock care. Because kitties that are in a home for a few weeks are healthy, the pet stores take them on as display animals giving proceeds from sale to the Shelter as a form of sales attraction for them and good will to shelters.(They also offer day visits of dogs from Humane Society)
Litter one.Perfect. Sent out to be adopted. Adopted quickly from a pet store front. Litter 2 to pet store and most were adopted. Virginia and daughter Kellar went to check on them. All but one was adopted. Keller held this kitty for 45 minutes on her lap as it snoozed. Familiarity and comfort already.
Numerous cell phone calls between Noah and Virginia..I Imagine it like this "I thought we decided not yet...she's been sitting with it asleep on her lap in a pet store for 45 minutes. No, don't let her cry..oh please, sure I love the kitty.."

Kellar could have a future in sales or even politics. Meet the new pet at Kellar's house. Kitten called Paprika.
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