Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Dog manners

Okay I know some of you will scroll right by and this is okay too.

Dogs need manners, particularly if they will sometime in the future weigh over 50 pounds.
I have been reading numerous dog psychology books and watching videos and you know what? Whatever age the dog is at, that is where they are. Breeds are different from one another on trainability at different ages. Their brains only go so far. Humans have this with teenagers. Dog trainers can have it till age 3. But in training books it is still called teens.

There are certain times when Rosie, the 5-6 month old pup is so perfectly behaved and knows commands like sit and stay and down and wait. And she is so willing to love you.
On the other hand she can't seem to resolve jumping on people for joy. I have a party here in 2 weeks. I have learned that the old phrase, "A Tired puppy is a good puppy" is true. Miss Rosie will adjust to anything within ten minutes and be perfect. But I have to wear her out a bit first.

Still...I love this dog..we are in it now, for the duration ..for both us. I wonder what we both will learn.
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