Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

A new year...the making of a recluse

I realized this year the times I am the happiest. With family and close friends, with dogs, being quiet.
Quiet for me is a very special place. It is observing nature and people and prayers and meditations, writing every now and then, taking photos, trying something arty...trying to train a wayward puppy.
Lately so much talking be it TV or other...just kind of goes to the trash. I have learned that if you say too much politically, your are beheaded by someone who talks louder and interrupts. Neither of which have been on my approval list, mum old judgmental person I can be. So I let it go or delete..isn't that a handy item?!

After a discussion with my oldest son, Noah, we have decided to take ..that is the hard part with no judgement...A photo a day... 365 day project is on for both of us. This helps us both practice something we love and be humbled when it doesn't turn out as expected or hoped. Just keep on doing it. Trust that beauties will show up.

So many friends are no longer on LJ. But for you who check in-This is what I am doing. These will also be posted on FB without explanation of the process.

And I will post them here, perhaps in batches.

In the morning over a strong cup of coffee, before Rosie the pup has the need for huge exercise..I'll think about today. I will wonder about our nation. I will take actions from my heart as needed.
I noticed the other morning that I was settled into the most attractive pose, with cup of coffee, mouth half open at the dawn, wondering when the geese would land on the pond.

Maybe I will get all chatty soon. Maybe not. Expect some photos. Love is sent.
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