Brendamom (brendamom) wrote,

Our house guest Phoebe

Phoebe was one of the puppies adopted from Em's litter some 8 years ago from the Lawrence Humane Society. You may remember I lost Emmy in spring.

Phoebe has never won a prize in her life, except in the hearts of others. She normally lives with my daughter Liz across town in a lovely blue house from the 1930's all quaint and charming. The house is right next to a grade school. The kids that walk the side walk know Phoebe by name and stop and talk to her.

Now Rosie the pup is all energy and little good sense. In 6 days, while Phoebe has been here, Rosie has learned a bit of good sense. Essentially, do what Phoebe does and you won't get in trouble. Therefore, Phoebe is a guidance counselor. An adult who understands the world a bit.

These dogs could retrieve, play tug of war or the notorious Golden game...Bitey face for hours. This is where they show teeth and act ferocious for hours. There is never blood, nor a puncture wound of any kind.

Rosie is a doggie teenager. She has so much to learn. And I don't like going out in the cold. It is difficult to train many things in a 30 below Parka. Picture the stay-puff marshmallow man training a puppy.

At night, we come in. I turn on the evening news, which they refuse to watch. I turn on the gas stove and heat up that porch and they are mine.

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